Free Market Ventures Shield of Sound Investment

The proof is in our projects.

From the foundation to the top floor, we love making projects come to life. We take challenges and create opportunities. We obsess over every square foot. Our goal is flawless execution every time. And the results are building.


6400 Shafer Court – Chicago IL


Conveniently positioned for growth.


Profitable opportunities often come from promising partnerships. With 6400 Shafer, FMV paired with Second City Real Estate to secure a high-potential office building in the bustling O’Hare submarket. Surrounded by mixed-use and retail properties, 6400 Shafer Court is conveniently located near Chicago’s Blue Line, Metra rail, interstate highway and O’Hare airport. And with planned renovations to the lobby, common areas and fitness center addition, the Shafter building is a prime example of identifying potential, assembling the proper team and executing on our plan.


Medical Marijuana Warehouses – IL


Turn a profit where others fear to tread.


When we said unique, profitable ventures we meant it. FMV Partnered with Cresco Labs to develop three cultivation centers. The $27 million dollar warehouses were developed in the cities of Joliet, Lincoln and Kankakee, IL. Each facility features the latest best practices in integrated crop management, pest control, hydroponic, aeroponic, and state-of-the-art digital video surveillance systems.


17 East Illinois – Chicago, IL


When opportunity knocks don’t leave it standing on the doorstep.


FMV acquired a property at 17 E. Illinois in the heart of River North in Chicago. A location that seemed ideal for developing a boutique residential tower. Ideal until another opportunity arose–one that would double the investment in no time and with no hassle. Sometimes the short, easy road is more profitable than the long one. Our clients rely on us to know the difference.


The Green Door – Chicago, IL


Put all the pieces together to create a River North development.


Purchasing discounted debt in one of the hottest sub markets in Chicago doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, we will be there to take advantage of the opportunity. Executing this strategy on The Green Door and Mr. Beef properties created an opportunity to get paid off at full value or potentially take over the properties and redevelop the site.


Receiver Liens


When presented with the unusual, can we still come out ahead?


Our receiver lien program is designed to fund Receiver Certificates for the demolition, repair or enclosure of properties that municipal courts have ruled in violation of public safety codes. In lieu of payment, the municipal court grants interest bearing Receiver Certificates for all costs incurred. Certificates are recorded as liens, subordinate only to tax liens. We’ve invested over $4M into 46 receiver liens. 22 liens have paid off with an average return in excess of 18%.




A smarter tool means smarter, more profitable decisions.


The current CRE financial analysis process is time-consuming and expensive. The data used for analysis is incomplete, surveyed and inaccurate and no two-asset managers follow the same approach for vetting a tenant. This is no way to do business. That’s why FMV has a better way. Meet (RE)meter. It’s cutting edge technology that uses proprietary data to streamline and standardize the tenant vetting process to help CRE professionals make stronger, more profitable leasing and portfolio decisions. And when we make better decisions you make more profits. That’s what is commonly referred to as a win-win.

Virgin Hotel – Chicago IL

Our team thrives off the desire to create new business, including carving out unexpected project channels. One such opportunity arose when Jack Buck met the CEO of Virgin Hotels. The relationship turned into a joint venture and development agreement which converted a historic landmark building into the first Virgin Hotel in the world.

2 East Erie – Chicago, IL

The opportunity at 2 East Erie was to transform an apartment building into condos, a task requiring careful preparation and unwavering project management. The conversion took heavy renovations and negotiations. Experience and foresight into the housing market allowed the team to quickly execute their plan resulting in selling out six months ahead of the real estate market slowdown

111 South Wacker – Chicago, IL

Creative problem solving was necessary in developing 111 S. Wacker, a major addition to the Chicago skyline. The team had to manage a range of details from the building’s entitlements, design, construction, financing, leasing and property management. Strategic planning coupled with an experienced team allowed the project to flourish.

Student Housing

Student housing doesn’t have to be drab, dull or undesirable. The well-designed, great-looking facilities, in Tucson, Chicago, and Wilmington, NC, range from beautiful, traditional homes to modern, urban high rises. These new facilities offer a wide range of enticing amenities to accelerate the leasing timeline